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Bottom line of the European government reality...

... is that thanks to the victims of the past gifts (mainly the previous Asia) Europe doesn’t govern as perfectly as one would think which is perfect ;o).
You know there are two Budhas - the Chinese one, being slim and dealing with guns, they call him defender of the Emperor - and then we have the fat one laughing at everything, the Sri Lankas Budha, allegedly the previous Chinese Emperor who moved to Sri Lanka long time ago just to laugh at the foolishess of his Chinese fellow men. He has just gone bonkers from citiziens of China!
Problem analysis: The problem of the world creation is profound and the Czech vampirism (in other words the Dark side of Kan-Li) manipulates the world using selected people from the end to the beginning so to speak, where they create their biggest investment.
I, the good old Toroto i.e. the laughing Sri Lanskas Budha, disturbed the „clean“ vampire line with my birth and sent them to suck the channels. ;o) The principle of my intervention is that no one succeeds at anything and everything is fucked up... and that provides impenetrability of our Bright side of Kan-Li for ever.
In simple English we are fucked up in such a way that we are impenetrable for ever! Kudos to the progress!

... I wish you a really peaceful life!


Live & prosper in private!

Velmistr OF NETERA, SaTaN

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