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Order of inventions insade subject!

ad 1 In order of today life should we create realy REEL named DETH STAR by alchimist way on orbita. Don't afraid of new Star Wars - this worlds are in USA citizien through cocain-karma-mantra-hack.
Insade you, USA, are miracously universies and realy not hurting, mainly not like Europien cancer, where are living pure indian universies, and when we are on paranoic way, so Asia maybe are living Manata's dreams about el.-mag. signal on this planet.
ad 2 In theese time (Other Times of Non-Existing NETERA) are we living just unpeacefully - so can we living more straitedgefully, just now. I think just not through drogs at all (straitedge), but through inpeace in live. We must to expropriate pubs and let celebrating to be a celebrating (Ham I saying allways: "Take drugs easy - don't drink so much!")!
We must to create Smart Drugs (something like synthetic THC - base named XTC) to "inicialize" all young people and don't kill them like today drugs! Chemistry is in basics now... (Let the computer live!)

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